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2/21/2020 8:27PM
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Newark: Healthy, Green & Growing

Healthy, Green & Growing



The City of Newark kicked-off a new initiative March 22,2011 called Newark: Healthy, Green & Growing, and finalized the Strategic Plan in December 2011.

What is Healthy, Green & Growing?
-Healthy: Encourage healthier lifestyles
-Green: Become more fiscally and environmentally sustainable
-Growing: Promote development and redevelopment efforts

Why is the City pursuing this initiative?
(1) We want our City to serve everyone as efficiently and effectively as possible.
(2) We want to anticipate and plan for future/changing trends, including:
     -aging population
     -increasing energy costs
     -limited natural resource availability
     -obesity & healthy problems
     -challenging economy
     -aging infrastructure & buildings

What has the City accomplished so far?
-Developed Goals
-Coordinated with Partners
-Organized & Held Kick-off Event - March 22, 2011
-Organized & Held the first Management Roundtable Meeting - May 6, 2011
-Organized & Held the second Management Roundtable Meeting - June 3, 2011
-Conducted public raffle at the Works & Library
-Finalized the Strategic Plan