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8/19/2022 1:09PM
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City installing new water meters?
• The majority of the existing water meters will not need to be replaced.  Only the meters that are 16 years or older will be completely replaced.  However, all meters will be equipped to accept an MTU.  The new device will transmit the water meter reading to the Newark Water Office and accurately report your consumption every day.

Will I still have to read my meter myself and report it to the Water Office?
• No.  The new water meter reading system is automatic, and can be read without residents having to report their usage.

Do I need to make an appointment to have my meter installed?
• Yes.  Beginning in May 2010, door tags will be left at properties when your neighborhood is ready for the update.  You will be required at that time to contact the Newark Water Department at 740-670-7940 to schedule your appointment. 

When are appointments normally scheduled?
• Appointments are usually scheduled during the hours of 8:15 AM to 4:00 PM, weekdays. 
• In some instances installations will occur based on door-to-door canvassing if the meter installers are in your area, but only with your consent.

Will workers need to enter my home in order to install the new reading device?
• Yes.  A City of Newark Water Department employee will need to enter your home and will need access to the part of your home where the interior meter is located.  Typically in the basement or utility room.

How do I know that the person who comes to my house is representing the City as part of this project?
• All personnel assigned to the project shall wear an approved uniform and will have a picture identification badge provided by the City of Newark.
• All vehicles used by these individuals will be marked with the Newark Water Department logo.
• If you ever have any question about the identity of someone who claims to be working on behalf of the Newark Water Department, please call our Customer Service Representatives at 740-670-7940.

How long will it take for my meter to be installed?
• Once inside your home, the installation will take approximately 20-30 minutes.  If it is determined we need to install a new water meter, installation may take 30-40 minutes.

Do I need to be home for this appointment?
• No.  As long as an occupant of the residence makes arrangements for a door to be unlocked or a key to be placed inconspicuously outside the residence.

Will the Newark Water Department need to interrupt my water service?
• It is possible, if a complete meter change out is required, that the service will be interrupted.  This generally last less than a half hour.

What are the benefits of AMR?
• Improved customer service, including:
Minimizing the need to access your property to read the meter.
Call resolution improvement – billing calls will be handled more quickly due to availability of more frequent meter readings.
Leaks can be detected – Customers will be notified so leaks can be repaired proactively.
• Controlled meter reading costs.
• Fewer employee injuries, especially in areas with fenced yards, dogs and landscaping.
• Elimination of estimated bills.

How does AMR work?
• Using wireless radio transmitions, AMR remotely reads customer meters and then transfers the data into the billing system.
• AMR will drastically reduce the need for meter readers to manually gather utility meter readings.

What information will be transmitted?
• The device transmits meter readings and the meter identification number.  Diagnostic information is also transmitted to verify that the meter is operating correctly.

Is my account information secure?
• Yes, only meter readings and meter numbers are transmitted.
• Personal customer information will not be transmitted.

Is this new system really needed?
• Yes.  We strive to provide the best possible customer service, high reliability and billing accuracy.  The AMR technology will help us achieve these goals. 

Is this radio device a listening device used to listen to conversations in my basement or utility room?
• No. This is a device programmed only to transmit water usage.

What powers the AMR radio transmitter?
• The MTU is a battery-powered device.  The expected life of the battery is 20 years, which coincides with the expected life of a residential water meter.

Does this mean my bill will be increased?
• Not necessarily.  In some cases, your bill may increase, but only if your current meter is underreporting usage and we install a new meter.  Presently the majority of residents are paying for the water they are actually using, while a few residents are only paying for a fraction of the water.  This condition is not fair to all residents.  The new system will ensure fairness and equality for all the residents and businesses from this point forward.

Will I see a change in my service after AMR is installed?
• The only significant change to your utility service will be that once the AMR system is operating, meter readers will not need to visit your property to collect the meter readings.  Service personnel may visit the meter periodically to confirm proper operation or perform routine maintenance.

Isn’t my water meter on the outside of the home?
• No.  Water meters are located within the homes to prevent freezing in the winter months.  Some homes may be equipped with an outdoor reading device.  The MTU will be installed above the meter in your home and in a few cases it may be installed outside to replace the existing outdoor reading device.

Is this something I have to do?
• Yes, this is a mandatory meter replacement/upgrade.  The City of Newark requires that all utility customers participate in the program.  Failure to comply may result in termination of water service.

My meter has received the AMR technology upgrade.  Why is a meter reader still taking readings from my meter?
• If your meter has been upgraded with the AMR technology and your meter is still being read manually it just indicates that we have not completed the AMR network in your area, and we are not yet ready to read your meter remotely.  Once we are receiving radio readings from your meter, future readings will be collected remotely by the AMR network.

What if I have more questions about the AMR implementation?
• You can contact the Newark Water Office during normal business hours from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM at 740-670-7940.