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7/22/2018 6:30PM
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Boil Advisories


The goal of Newark Water Department is to provide aesthetically pleasing, clean and safe drinking water for the City of Newark. When a depressurization occurs in the water main lines there is a possibility that contaminants could get into the water supply. During such an event the water may be safe to drink but because the possibility of contaminants in the water system exists, the Newark Water Department in conjunction with the Ohio EPA recommends that the water used for consumption be boiled vigorously for 1 minute and allow water to cool prior to use.

07/03/2018 The boil advisory for Pierson Drive has been lifted.

07/02/2018 There is a boil advisory for Pierson Drive from 21st St. to 21st St.

07/01/2018 The boil advisory for King Ave. has been lifted.

06/30/2018- There is currently a Boil Advisory for King Ave from Granville to 95 King Ave.