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Rules & Regulations




743.02 Ohio R.C. - The Director of Public Service may make such By-Laws and Regulations as he deems necessary for the safe, economical, and efficient management and protection of the Water Works of a Municipal Corporation. Such by-laws and Regulations shall have the same validity as ordinances when not repugnant thereto or to the constitution of laws of the state.

The Public Water and Wastewater Systems of the City of Newark, and all appurtenances relative thereto, together with the collection of charges for the services rendered by said systems, shall be under the exclusive control of the Director of Public Service and the authorized agents and employees.

Authority and references from:

Ohio Revised Code 743, 4909, 6103, 6109.13, 6117

Ohio Plumbing Code

Ohio Building Code

Ohio E.P.A. Division of Public Drinking Water “Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control”

Newark Board of Health Regulation 91-2

City Ordinance 91-36

City Ordinance 91-59, as amended by 94-16, 96-41, 98-48.

City Ordinance 06-19

Rules and Regulations
Purpose: Definitions
Rule 1: Applying For Service Between user and/or Owner and Division of Water & Wastewater
Rule 2: Public Water Supply System
Rule 3: Specifications for Customer Service Lines & Water Mains
Rule 4: New Construction for New Service
Rule 5: Extensions or Alterations To The Water Service Lines
Rule 6: Disconnecting Service Line from Main (Building Dismantled)
Rule 7: Water Metering
Rule 8: Private Stops/Lockstops - Multiple Water Meters
Rule 9: Meter By-Pass
Rule 10: Meter Pit
Rule 11: Damaged Water Meters
Rule 12: Meter Reading
Rule 13: Access To Building For Meter Reading, Inspection, ETC.
Rule 14: Acceptable Water Meter Sizes
Rule 15: Fire Protection - Sprinkler System
Rule 16: Fire Hydrants
Rule 17: Billing and Billing Disputes
Rule 18: Termination of Service
Rule 19: Property Owners Responsibility For Unpaid Bills
Rule 20: Hearings
Rule 21: Water Rates, Tapping Fees, Front Foot Fees, ETC.
Rule 22: Outside City Rates For Water and Wastewater
Rule 23: Penalty/Service Charge For Non-Payment
Rule 24: Cross Connection
Rule 25: Water Emergencies
Rule 26: Tampering With The Water System
Rule 27: Violations Of Rules
Rule 28: Deposits
Rule 29: Severability

Addendum 1 Direct Billing Agreement
Addendum 2 Landlord / Tenant Dispute
Addendum 3 Service Line Specifications
Addendum 4 Medical Certification
Addendum 5 Door Termination Notification
Addendum 6 Termination Notice For Non-Payment
Addendum 7 Activation Fee
Addendum 8 Water Administrative Fee

Water Drawings
Drawing 800-3 Blocking Details - Bends
Drawing 800-4 Blocking Detals - Tees & Plugs
Drawing 800-5 Hydrant Detail
Drawing 800-6 Hydrant Settings
Drawing 800-7 Valve Box Grade Adjustment
Drawing 800-8 Typical Potable Water Blow-Off
Drawing 800-WS-1 Typical Residental Water Meter Installation
Drawing 800-WS-2 Water Meter / Exterior Register
Drawing 800-WS-3 Water Service Installation
Drawing 800-WS-3A Multiple Outside Shut Off Valves
Drawing 800-WS-4 Commercial Multiple Meters
Drawing 800-WS-4A Commercial Multiple Meters (Domestic / Fire / Irrigation)
Drawing 800-WS-5 Meter Setting 1 1/2" - 6"
Drawing 800-WS-5A Dual Meter Setting
Drawing 800-WS-5B Meter Manifolds
Drawing 800-WS-6 Meter Pit for 1" or Smaller Meters
Drawing 800-WS-6A Meter Pit For 1 1/2" or 2" Meters
Drawing 800-WS-6B Meter Pit - Dual Meter Setting
Drawing 800-WS-7 Meter Setting 1 1/2' - 6"
Drawing 800-WS-8 Meter Setting - Larger than 2"
Drawing 800-WS-9 Meter Pit - Dual Meter Settings
Drawing 800-WS-9A 48" Meter Pit
Drawing 800-WS-12 Residential Backflow Prevention

Sewer Drawings

Drawing 900-0 PreCast Concrete Manholes
Drawing 900-1 Precast Concrete Manhole Slab Top
Drawing 900-2 Drop Manhole
Drawing 900-2A Inside Drop Manhole
Drawing 900-3 Manhole Grade Adjustment
Drawing 900-4 House Sewer Lateral
Drawing 900-4A Sewer Lateral Disconnect
Drawing 900-5 Sewer Trench Details
Drawing 900-6 Precast Concrete Manhole With Preformed Connector
Drawing 900-7 Standard Sampling Manholes
Drawing 900-8 Roofleader Connection / Disconnection
Drawing 900-9 Sewer Lateral Clean Out