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8/19/2022 2:05PM
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Distribution & Collections Department

The history of the Newark Water Distribution began in 1886 when the privately owned Newark Water Company began operation of a pumping and distribution system. In 1905, the City of Newark began construction of it's own pumping station and distribution system. In 1910, the City of Newark purchased the Newark Water Company and merged that system with the municipal system.

Currently, there is roughly 190 miles of water lines serving Newark and the surrounding area. As shown below, our personnel work hard around the clock and in all weather conditions to keep the water flowing for our customer's convenience.

The history of the Newark Sewer Collection began in the 1920's when it was mandated that pipes be laid to direct sewage away from homes and to the river. In the 1940's a federal mandate required the sewer pipes be connected together to direct the sewage to a plant for treatment prior to discharge to the river. Currently there is over 172 miles of sewer lines and 56 miles of combined sewer and storm drains. Some of these lines date back to the 1920's and 1930's. Today's challenges include replacing and repairing these lines so that the sewage reaches the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Older Cities like Newark face many of these same challenges.