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2/18/2019 10:28PM
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Hydrant Flushing

The process of flushing hydrants prevent buildup of deposits in water mains. When flushing hydrants, homes down stream of the hydrant may see redness for a short time in the water. The opening of the hydrant causes a water scouring effect that cleans the lines and insures a proper operation and longer lasting water system. The Newark Water Department normally flushes the water hydrants between April and November every year. The Newark Water Department flushes hydrants every month at a few points in the City of Newark.



The City of Newark Water Department has concluded its annual fire hydrant flushing program for 2018.  Should customers have an issue with cloudy water it is recommended that they run the cold water.  Running the cold water will generally clear up any water quality problems. If the problem continues contact the Newark Water Treatment Plant at 349-6765.

To download a .pdf map of the flushing zones click here.