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8/19/2022 12:38PM
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Lead Service Line Replacement

Lead Service Line Replacement Frequently Asked Questions


Is the replacement really free?

Yes, the City will replace the service water line from the main line to the water meter free of charge.  Restoration of any disturbed area will also be completed free of charge. 


How can I find more information about Lead in Drinking Water?

Visit the US EPA website:


How do I contact the City of Newark Division of Water to answer questions I may have?

Please contact the Newark Water Office at 740-670-7940 or wateradm AT newarkohiowater DOT net


How will I know if my water service needs replaced?

Visit the City of Newark interactive map. Properties with a yellow or orange dot will be checked for replacement.


Why is the Lead Service Line Replacement project happening?

Water service pipes that contain lead are required to be inventoried and replaced as part of updated EPA mandates.  The City is complying with the mandate by embarking on an inventory and replacement program to remove the remaining service pipes that could contain Lead.


Will I receive notice prior to my water service being replaced?

Yes, a Water Division representative will notify the resident/owner prior to the replacement. 


Will I lose water service during my water service replacement?

Yes, the water will be shut off at the City’s main water line during the replacement process and is expected to last 4-8 hours.


Can I get a water service replacement if I have a past due water bill?

Yes, billing status has nothing to do with eligibility.


How is the project being funded?

The project is being funded by the American Rescue Plan (ARP) grant.


Will I pay more for my water due to this program?

No, due to the ARP stimulus package, this project is grant-funded and will not require a rate increase


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